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Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Rings
Jewelry has become more elaborate, gorgeous, and pricey. Many popular pieces that celebrities can be found wearing can near prices as high as a couple thousand dollars, for just one necklace. And let's face it, many of us do not have a couple grand lying around, and those of us that do may have bigger plans for that money. So here's a secret for you: you still can have those great and elaborate pieces at a fraction of the cost. Do I have your attention? Good.

Sterling silver has somewhere along the line earned a bad rep. Realistically though, this precious metal is great and easy to care for! One situation that tends to have expensive prices is your wedding, especially the jewelry pieces involved. A good way to help lower the price is by changing the metal of your wedding ring. Rather than spending hundreds more for gold, white gold, or platinum, you can spend a fraction by purchasing a ring made of sterling silver. The metal lasts just as long as most gold if taken care of properly. This metal is also very easy to clean, and many jewelry shops will do professional cleaning of your piece for less than twenty dollars!

Sterling Silver Rings
The same precious stones that you would purchase for a gold or platinum ring can be placed just as easily in a sterling silver ring. The metal shines just as bright as any other piece would, and your green emeralds or pure diamonds would look just as sparkly shining in silver lining.If you love to wear rings, but are hard on the pieces, sterling silver is one of the best materials to purchases rings made out of. Pure silver is too soft to make into jewelry pieces, therefore most rings made of sterling silver is a grade.925. What this means is that the silver is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is other metals, such as copper, which helps prevent the silver from scratches or damages. This is ideal for you if you are rough with your hands or just rough in general.

Another plus of sterling silver rings is for the men. Some men may prefer not to wear gold, be it for personal reasons or fashion reasons. A good alternative, and a manly option, is sterling silver. Many popular men rings are made of sterling silver, and may be plated with gold. This is great for fine dining, or a party out with the guys.

Overall, sterling silver rings are great and easy to care for. Whether going out to an expensive dinner, or just sitting on the couch watching TV, sterling silver can become a part of your favorite jewelry pieces. The best way to care for these pieces is also inexpensive, be it professional, or just using a simple polishing cloth, your sterling silver ring will continue to shine, especially if paired up with your favorite blouse or dress, and even better if paired with your favorite sterling silver necklace or charm bracelet!

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